By Taoyuan Airport MRT & Taipei MRT:

Take the Taoyuan Airport MRT from Airport Terminal 1~3 stations (A12~14) to Taipei Main Station (A1), and transfer to the Taipei MRT blue line. Get on the train at Taipei Main Station and get off at Ximen Station and transfer to the green line. Get off again at Gongguan Station. The Main Gate of the campus is located at Exit #3.


Taoyuan Airport MRT:
Taipei MRT:

By Taxi

Taxis queue outside the Arrival Halls of both terminals. To ensure the safety of passengers, only taxis approved by the Aviation Police Bureau after a strict qualification procedure are cleared to operate in CKS Airport.

  • Taxis are available at CKS Airport around the clock.
  • Airport Taxis charge according to the meter plus a 50% surcharge (highway tolls not included), and provide transport to anywhere in Taiwan. Typical fare to Taipei is around NT$1,100.
  • For further information about Terminal I Taxis, please call (03) 398-2832
  • For further information about Terminal II Taxis, please call (03) 398-3599
  • To make a complaint about airport taxi service, please call (03) 398-2241; (03) 398-2177

When you are in CKS Airport, you can easily transfer to National Taiwan University by Taxi.

After you get in the Taxi, tell the taxi driver “National Taiwan University Main gate, please” (The Chinese pronunciation is “Taiwan da shiue jeng men kou”). Or you can download and print the following picture and show it, in case that the driver doesn’t understand you.