What is the official language of the hackathon?


What is a health hackathon?

A health hackathon is a 48-hour non-stop event where people with various backgrounds come together to tackle a specific problem or idea in healthcare with the united goal of developing innovative ideas and solutions.

Why attend Health Hackathon 2018?

Innovation in healthcare is increasingly dependent on technology and teamwork, requiring effective collaboration between technical and non-technical disciplines. Through this event, you will be able to challenge yourself and interact with other brilliant minds. Furthermore, as a team, your work will be a great help in the field of healthcare and artificial intelligence.

What are the key concepts of this hackathon?

The major theme of the hackathon is “The Intelligent Hospital”. The key concepts under the theme are shown in the following diagrams. Note: the diagram is just a starting point for pre-hacking. We welcome any project ideas related the theme of the intelligent hospital.

What are the possible project ideas that I can start with?

1. Using Deep Learning to help filter through patient files/medical records for specific information eg: pathology, complications etc.

2. Training an application/wearable device to detect patterns in health data (heart rate, body temp etc) that can predict the onset of Seizures or Cardiac issues etc.

3. A smartphone or wearable device and app to detect sleep/wake cycles and offer feedback to improve sleep quality.

4. Computer vision system to track and register visitors/staff to patient units utilizing facial recognition.

What is the participation model?

Phase 1

Pre-Hackathon priming activities using online forums Trello and Slack

Phase 2

A 48-hour onsite hackathon to catalyze innovation through problem sharing, solution pitches, team formation and development of prototype solutions

Phase 3

Competitive presentations to judges and prize awards

Phase 4

A suite of post-hackathon support to stimulate the progress of innovations.

What are the sources for pre-hacking and hacking during the hackathon?

Please go here for links to recommended databases. We suggested that attendees of the hackathon download data from the open databases before the hackathon if needed.

Hackathon Hightlights

Some Fun Facts about the hackathon?
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